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In some regions of medieval France, the deceased's family would carefully cut the hair and nails, so as to keep the dead from carrying away the star, or luck, of the household.

There's a 7000 year old grave in Bulgaria. It has a stake through the heart. (Though of course, we can't be SURE what they were protecting against.)

The Japanese tanuki, like the British Fair Folk, had a tendency to use money that turned into leaves.

It was considered bad taste to tip the servers at a British pub; you could buy them a drink, instead.

Greeks were in the habit of making copies of the letter epsilon -- whether in metal or wood or whatever -- to leave as offerings at Delphi.

In Chicago, one convicted murderer once got his execution delayed an hour because, he argued, having been sentenced in standard time, he was entitled to have the hours be standard time.

Mojaves tattooed their members to ensure them entry into the land of the dead, and so that their ancestors would recognize them as Mojaves. Included captives adopted into the tribe.

A major philosophical problem with vegetarianism in the days of ancient Rome is that you performed a sacrifice by feasting on the animal after the god's portion had been burnt.
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