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what is this place?

Placenames!  I hate 'em, I hate 'em, I hate 'em.  And what is worse, this is not a rant about how other people use horrible placenames in fiction.  It's that I have to invent placenames for my own fictional worlds.  And I'm horrible at it.

I usually end up using compound nouns.  Which works, it seems.  (Though the critique which told me I had to hyphenate "Firerock" is one of the more -- memorable ones I have gotten.)  But then I have to find the appropriate nouns.  One thing I hate, hate, hate about fantasy names (and this is a rant about the horrible things other writers do) -- is form a compound noun with no discerable relationship between the two nouns.  On the order of "Leafdeer" or "Riverfeather" sometimes.  Plus, of course, they will be Meaningful Names so I have to analyze the significance that those nouns will give the location. . . . and anyone who is Name of Place.


Tags: grumbles, names

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