marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

spring and fall

Was reading a passage allegedly from a peasant's point of view.  About seasons.

Now, while it correctly picked off summer as good and winter as bad, it treated spring as entirely good and hopeful, and fall as entirely bad and melancholy -- speaking of being protected from fall influences and open to spring ones.

Spring is when your food runs out.  And where the warm weather makes it more likely to go bad.  Yes, everything's all green and growing, but a lot of it's not edible yet.  Yes, summer is coming.  It's a light in the distance that might indicate shelter while you are hungry now.

And fall is when harvest hits.  Food!  Food everywhere!  And if winter is coming, all the more reason to enjoy the respite before it.
Tags: ethos, world-building: food

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