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An ancient Egyptian stela contains a spell/prayer for healing a cat who has been stung by a scorpion. Beginning "O Ra, come to your daughter, whom the scorpion has stung on a lonely road. Her cries reach heaven; harken on your way ." -- the daughter being Bast

Under Elizabeth I, no Catholic woman or minor could go oversea legally without special permission from the queen and her ministers.

There are mermaid tales where the mermaid is like a half-selkie -- the tail is a result of wearing a skin, and depriving them of the skin traps them in human form.

When Acadia was handed over to Great Britain, the Acadians were supposed to have two years to leave before the oath of allegiance was required. But, since they needed the land settled to supply a garrison, the British passed laws forbidding them to sell their property.

It was said of Kidd that whenever he buried gold, he would kill a black man so the ghost would guard the gold.

Tahiti, converted to Christianity celebrated Sunday a day earlier because the missionaries had not properly accounted for the International Date Line. (Which is a major problem in Judaism, in reckoning the Sabbath.)

Under Queen Anne, all Protestant children of Catholics or Jews could obtain money by complaining of “want of fitting maintenance,” regardless of the children's age, as long as their parents were alive, for fear of their reconciling with their parents and changing their religion.
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