marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

father or uncle or great-uncle

None of my hero's immediate family members appear onstage during the story.

Which is probably how I got through the entire story outline without making any decision about who they are.

Except now, for some reason, it's staring me in the face as I start to write.

Only child is easy, but if I make him an orphan with no close relations, I still have to give him some kind of guardian, and if the death is close enough, some reaction.

Especially since a major character's parents and what happened to them is an important plot point.

could give him only one parent, and the muse is leaning toward a male one -- or a close relative who raised him -- but it's not clear yet.  Especially since it's going to affect the story.
Tags: families: parent/child, orchestrating characters

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