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Team-Ups and Crossovers

Team-Ups and Crossovers by Marion G. Harmon

Astra goes world-hopping.  It's a collection of short stories, with some spoilers for the earlier ones ahead.

After an --interesting date, assisted by Kitsune's presence, Astra, despite her injury, is recruited to help catch a serial killer who can catch his victims with his breakthrough powers.  She's caught.  The resultant mirror reaction throws her into another world.

A series of short stories follows.  Some stronger than others.  Three are cross-overs into two super-hero worlds of other authors; one into Shakespeare (which was partly in play format; I think he should have just written it out as a closet drama); one sends Ozma and Grendel into Oz (because the Young Sentinels are, of course, trying to find her); one quite touching one, short, where she lands in what appears to be a military game.

Tags: fiction reviews: short story collections, fiction reviews: superheroes

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