marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

echoes and reechoes

So there was the heroine, at a festivity because she couldn't go to the library.  (it was closed -- there was a festivity!)  And watching a fairy tale play.

And the first thing that dawned on me was that the first thing she would think was that perhaps the princess's technique to find her lost husband, involving gathering news, was better than hers, almost randomly bopping around looking for news.  (Almost as bad as the brides who went wandering the world in search of their husbands.)

Fortunately, she will be able to reflect that the princess's need was for travelers' tales, where hers is more esoteric.  And the princess could afford it -- she couldn't.  (Hmm.  I shall have to make sure of that.  Perhaps she will wake up on her boat, rocking on the waves, and try to work about a way to manage with her magic.  Or perhaps just remind herself that she needs wizards, not ordinary travelers.)
Tags: fairy tales in stories, plot devices, quest, world-building: festivities

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