marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

I did write that, didn't I?

I began an outline, as I begin so many, with only the vaguest ideas about what would happen next.  That is, after all, why I outline, to make sure that something does happen next. . . .

Amazing, how much I mentally revised without actually changing the outline.  It comes out very clearly when I go to actually write the outline.

Plus, I have to keep reminding myself that none of this is new to him.  (Minus a few things where I redid the world-building to make it new, but that won't work for everything.)  AND -- there's the subtle balance between downplaying things that aren't going to be significant owing to a sudden twist that life will throw at him, and accurately depicting his point of view, which would downplay other things, because -- ta-da! -- he doesn't know that his life is about to take a sudden twist.


It's all very well to remind yourself that that a musical's opening number is the last song to be written, but I've got to build a sturdy enough foundation to go on.
Tags: beginnings, exposition, grumbles, outlining, point of view, revision, story structure, writing

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