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tidbits cross time

Red kites were protected in early modern England and Wales on the grounds that they helped clear carrion from the city streets.

In 12th century Europe, a lot of lawsuits were brought by windmills charging other people with erecting windmills that blocked their wind.

In the Stalinist purges, you could be sent to the gulag on charges of being a family member of a traitor to the USSR.

Hildegard of Bingen described mustard as poor man's food.

Shepherds' testimony was not accepted in court in the Middle East during the early Roman Empire.

In the late 18th century, Spain adopted a law that allowed slaves to own property and to appeal to courts to set a fair market price for themselves and force their masters to allow them to buy their freedom at it.

In 139 BC, Jews were expelled from Rome on the ground they introduced their own rites and so infected Roman morals.

When Cyprus and Crete were settled, the settlers were able to transport not only grain stocks but domesticated animals. And wild ones, they appear to have introduced the fallow deer to Cyprus to hunt.
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