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Amazing what comes out in the course of revision. . .

I had put in the first draft that the superhero leader had carefully evacuated the magically created pocket universe for fear of what would happen when they went after the villains responsible.

I had not even considered the danger to the people who were created in it.

All right, most are off stage.  It would be something that would not be suggested to anyone there by their presence.  But one of the heroes came from the pocket universe.  And that evacuation took a minute or two.

There's no way our heroine/POV character, given that time, could not reflect that it might mean something very bad for him.

And given the villains' reality-warping powers, there's a number of other consequences she would muse on, too.

sigh.  Well, that's why you revise.
Tags: death, genre: superheroes, point of view, revision, setting (interaction), story time, world-building: magic (effects)

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