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The first evidence we have of the existence of the wheel is a depiction of one on a pot from Poland.

The Assyrians moved around large populations of people to provide work forces for the monumental buildings that were required of kings. They also needed to keep on conquering because only loot, not taxation, provided enough funds to build them.

Lord Nithsdale having been condemned for his part in the Jacobite insurrection, he escaped the night before his execution by his wife's stratagem of a visit where he changed into her maid's clothes and fled while she carried on a two-way conversation by herself for an hour before bidding "him" a tearful farewell.

In ancient Macedonia, a young man could wear a belt only if he had killed an enemy on field of battle, and recline at table only if he had killed a wild boar without the use of a net.

It was improper to seal a letter of introduction, because the person carrying it should know its contents.

According to Herodotus, among the Sauromatae a young woman could marry only after killing an enemy in battle.

In the 19th century, steel and gold became the favorites for pens: gold for durability, steel for precision.

There are statues of the Buddha depicting him in distinctly Greek clothes, such was the extent of Hellenistic influence.
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