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So the boys are often wandering the labyrinth. Briskly. They don't want to be trapped there all night. . . .

And I forgot that I want them there all night.  That I had carefully situated one scene for the morning twilight with the sky all stained with color but the sun not risen and the landscape all in shadows -- even with their leaving for another place before sunrise proper.

And that one scene is right after they leave the labyrinth.  All right, there can be some to-do first, but they can give the highlights quickly, and then the adults' reaction is to stick these two, and another two pupils, in a safe, secure location.  Which is where the next scene happens.

sigh  Time to drag it out.

Good thing it's wandering in a labyrinth, 'cause it would be a lot harder in a lot of other activities.
Tags: motives and purposes, setting (scene), story time

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