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witches and wizards and fairy tales

It's kind of annoying to find a writer who talks of the importance of doing your research and then pulls an awful research blooper.

In fairy tales, all witches are evil, and all wizards good. sigh

They take princes captive on wholly inadequate grounds, and force them to do impossible tasks under threat of death, and the princes escape on with the help of the Mad Wizard's Beautiful Daughter.  (Much like witches, with the only difference being that the captive can be a girl, and the witch have a Handsome Son, instead.)

They take apprentices and use nefarious means to keep them captive, and when their fathers rescue them, capture the apprentices again and treat them cruelly.

They turn princes into horses, like witches turn princes into foxes, and for no reason given.

There are good ones.  A man searching for his apprenticed son, or for his lost bride, can find three men, living as hermits, who can summon all the fish, all the animals, and all the birds, in the world respectively  Just as a woman looking for her lost husband can find three witches in their huts and get not only directions onward but a gift from each one to help rescue him.

(What was worse was that he talk about gingerbread houses -- as if "Hansel and Gretel" were the first and last fairy tale to feature witches.)
Tags: fairy tale tropes, heroes and villains, world-building: magic (plot device)

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