marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the game of names

Two sisters, both named in the outline, and one written into the story. . .

Did I name them right?

Always fun, names. Especially since what matters most is first impressions. (Once read an article about naming soap opera characters, and one guy explained that if you were introducing the mayor of the city, you couldn't name him Lefty. But if you introduced Lefty and established him as a character, you could, in due course, have him run for mayor and win the election.) The point is to suggest as much as possible, though it can be very tricky if your personal baggage about a name is not common.

All right, the younger girl might turn out fine, but the other is bugging me. Elegant names are all very well except they may be misleading if she turns out -- less than elegant in character.
Tags: characterization, grumbles, names

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