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schools of magic

Amazing the things that pop up when you go from outline to first draft. . . like the vast importance of magical specialization.

Not just to the world, though it's one in which the students at the magical school are sorted out into towers by schools of magic, and after the first three years, they specialize, and even leave the school for tutoring because the magic they want is so specialized that it can't be gotten there.  To the story.  And not just because of one of the students who left is a significant character.

No, it's unfolding as a significant carrier of theme.  The hero is learning what is famously one of the oldest schools of magic, and not going into the bleeding edge subspecialties.  Mind you, it's one of the most useful schools of magic.  And in the process of writing revealed him scornfully pointing out that all the towers for the various schools of magic at the school were not built with their own specialties, but turning to his.

Going to have more elements later on.  Thus far the only one I know of is that its spells are noted for being slow to cast and long-lasting.
Tags: theme, world-building: buildings, world-building: magic (technique), world-building: schools

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