marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

wonder and the working wizard

So off go our young wizards -- our hero still being young even if he has three years on the rest of the scholars -- under the wary eye of a lone adult wizard -- and into a location reeking with enchantment. . . .

And I was thinking that actually there might be a chance for some of that sense of wonder there. . . .

It's hard to use magic to create a sense of wonder when the point of view character is the wizard.  A scholar gives you more chances, to be surprised by the effects of a new spell's success, but not many more.

Pre-existing enchantment works much better.  I hope.  Even in a mysterious underground location that has an enormous attraction to bones and wrecked machinery, and broken clocks and ships and all sorts of other lost and destroyed things.

The trick is that they are using it as a short cut.  One has to consider the effects of its utility on its wonder.
Tags: sensawunda, world-building: enchantment, world-building: magic (technique)

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