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Discovery by Karina Fabian

It opens with a scene to set the stage:  an accident at a space mining operation.  Three religious sisters -- of Our Lady of Rescue -- in action.  Shortly therefore, they are among the three off on a mission to the very end of the Solar System, where is a shipwreck.  Of an alien ship.  This was discovered only by telescope, so they are the first people out there.

Miners to try recovery.  Scientists to do research.  Sisters to instruct in spacesuits and the like.  And the ship's crew, including a zerog -- a human genetically adapted to zero-gravity.  All of them on a luxury liner that had been sent to salvage and repurposed in a real hurry to get a ship to go out there.

The journey takes them a while, as they get out there, which has interests of its own.  And also lets us see the characters and how they will be affected by what they discover there.
Tags: fiction reviews: sf

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