marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the fae library

She needs to get to the library. . . .

Fortunately, I had her exploring the place, and it's quite large enough to contain a room chock-full of books. But there's a limit to how much time people will stand around explaining to her, especially when she's not going to be useful. And a much harder limit on how much they can explain to her, not when she needs to be the one to figure it out.  So she's going to have to find it, and then learn how little use it is.

Going to have the usual thing about fictional libraries:  not aimed at pleasure reading.  (I think the only fictional library I would really like would be in Robin McKinley's Beauty, where, for once, how much fun it is to read is plot-relevant.)  And worse, it's not organized.  Still using old-style cataloging, where you give the absolute position of the book, and also a lot of books are not correctly filed, and haven't been catalog recently.

The middle one gets fixed first, using magic, but she's going to learn the charms of the Dewey Decimal System by its absence.
Tags: discovery, exposition, plot devices, world-building: buildings

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