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Faeries of Color: Tales of the Fae beyond Europe

I was in the audience for this one.

The description was about fairy tales -- alas no one brought up that in fact, even Western European fairy tales very, very, very seldom involve fairies.  One panelist even said that animals appear in non-western fairy tales where fairies would appear in western ones, and alas, being in the audience, I didn't get a chance to point out that even in western ones, it's usually a talking animal.  And another panelist spoke of the commonly known fairy tales as if they were English when most are French (from Perrault) or German (from Grimm).

But what they did talk about was stuff -- well, one panelist had a nice graphic.  You have the folktales, which is stuff like the story about how your great-grandfather saw a demon.  (Esther Friesner told that one, not quite as her father told her, she admitted that she interpolated the twilight herself on the spot.)   The use of tales.  The necessity of research into the primary source.

How "Little Red Riding Hood" is literary; there are folklore variants that we think Perrault used, because while they were collected later, none of them involve the red hat.

One panelist talked about how she used an African tale of how baboons had taught a man to use a certain script and she wondered how readers would react.  I told her.  Because I had written stories based on some of the more obscure European tales and many writers in my writing group gushed over the striking originality of the plot, which is very frustrating because no one recognizes what you actually did.  (Esther Friesner expressed herself of the opinion that the writers in the group ought to read more.  I don't know; they were, after all, rather obscure.)
Tags: arisia, fairy tales, fairy tales (retelling), primary source, world-building: non-human characters

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