marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

wands and wood

I was reading this article on  Pottermore and thinking -- you know that's really a salesman's pitch.

Notice that, for instance, nothing is really recommended for a weakling.  One would think it most important that one whose magic is weak have a wand capable of picking up the faintest of impulses to amplify.

I can see just brushing on suitability for the Dark Arts for obvious reasons, but the virtues?  All right, you have some -- love of luxury, tendency to anger, hidden insecurity -- but if you want something for the stupid, the weak-willed, the deceitful, or even just the home-bodies, you can at best read between the lines for the suitable wands.

One wonders if the frequent mention of strength of character merely reflects how vital that is to wizardry in general.
Tags: web articles, world-building: magic (objects)

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