marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

start of spring

The dwarf iris came so early that the first glimpse of the blue is as as the snow melts away.

A great paddling of ducks are swarming by the roadside, just where the bridge crosses the brook. Were they spread over a fairly large pond, they might not look impressive, but dozens of ducks show not an inch between them, and there's no sign of any food attracting them -- a couple start down the brook as I drive by.

The snow is gone but still leaves signs in that crocuses are part a vivid yellow where they were unable to photosynthesize.

A flock of birds leaps from branches by the highway, in numbers so massive that the air is like a chessboard, half black bird and half pale yellow where the grass can be seen between the beating wings.

A lawn is half blue with all the flowers, blossoming in the grass. Half a dozen crocuses bloom purple by the road.

Heaps of purple flowers, just a few strides away from the road. The first time I drive by I can not tell, from the clumped way they stand, what they are. Feral alyssum? But the second reveals they are gill-over-the-ground.

In a valley between two roads, a flowering tree reached up and up, all bedecked with white.

How bright the trees are! Some are brilliantly red, some fiery orange, some a vivid yellow, some a bright, new green.

Trees in purple flower, with the blooms tracing out each bough.

A rainy day makes an apple tree's blossom, all pink and white, look rather dingy in the gloom.

The apples are masses of green and red, from the blossoms still tightly packed in buds and fierce in color.

The crab apples start to bloom: stretches of deep pink among the even darker pink of the buds, and the dark, impossible red-green of their leaves.

A robin and a mourning dove on the grass, picking it over, and the only way to tell them apart is to look with care, because the dove is as brown as the robin.
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