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Lost Children

Lost Children by Tom Rogneby

Book # 3 of the Minivandians. A prequel to the first, but spoilers ahead for Tales of the Minivandians, and Quest to the North.

Again Elsked gets to tell stories of his life, this time about dogs, and the tortoise goes on to tell him about his parents' lives. Even though it opens with a scene of human sacrifice, and indeed, of a baby.

After their collapse at the end of Quest to the North, Ruarin and DaddyBear revive in the hands of friends, who had not been able to tell at a distance that they were living and not undead. Part of Simon's family is there, and they go to tell news of their failure.

But things don't stay that simple. It includes a failure by Ruarin, the history of Simon's people, something one woman saw as a child, the death of children, discussion of what to do with Simon's sword, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: fantasy (other)

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