marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

putting together the powers, and the wisdom

Plotting out a story. The superheroine is going to hear something wise about superpowers.

Problem is -- I was half-thinking that her love interest would tell her it. He's been a super-hero longer.

But as I was noodling along, I wondered -- whether the mentor character would be better. He'd been a super-hero longer. And he says many wise things about powers. (Her having a new power means it's most in general, but it's still wise. And useful.)

Then I started to wonder exactly how much longer he had been a superhero than she had. . .

There would be definite points to making him only a little more experienced than she was. OTOH, it might interfere with her starry-eyed regard for him, which is going to be part of the romantic subplot.

Meanwhile, came to the conclusion that I need a list of randomly generated personality traits, without randomly generated powers. 'cause sometimes you just need someone with the right power. The superheroine needed someone about with superstrength, which I hadn't randomly generated. (not to be used lightly, of course. first try to see if I could use the random powers.)
Tags: characterization, dialog, discovery, orchestrating characters, sagacity, superpowers

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