marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

writing challenge

Another from [personal profile] lindahoyland , details here.

and my effort:

A lone eagle soared over the forest, but he could already see the break in the mountains, where the river ran.
I did not run a hand over my uniform to smooth it out. Or check my sword. I was more likely to muss it than to improve my appearance. I stood by the door and waited, because the best position to lead the foreguard was also the best to watch as the city hove into view.
Coming around the mountain revealed it in total, in the broad field that surrounded it. Flags flapped from every building, and banners hung from every window, set with stars or sunbursts or moons, on broad stripes of color. I picked out the embassies, and noted that the principalities and islands were rejoiced, and even most of the kingdoms. A few were plain. I would have to work out by elimination which ones were so tactless as to object, even if it did mean a rising central power might demand the high kingship again.
Politics. Not for a minor knight to tamper with.
"I dare say everything's all set for the fireworks."
"Literally, or politically?" said Draik, and I realized I had spoke aloud.
"Both," I said.
Tags: vignette

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