marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

secondary random powers

Sometimes, when working with a world with random superpowers, having no correlation to personality, I have to assign powers.  

Plot devices, you know.  If the plot needs someone who's superstrong and agreeable enough to help the heroine, I can't, obviously, declare that the plot is wrong.  Sometimes a crafty solution is possible -- there are some incidents where I was able to figure out how a randomly generated character saved the plot issue -- but that may focus more attention on something incidental than is wise.

But perhaps I could give them secondary powers that are random.  Which would definitely help.  (Heck, one of those could use a primary power and his plot device ability as a secondary power.)  And even help with the world, 'cause while someone could probably draw a connection between any power and any given personality, it would be a bit more interesting to connect invisibility and ability to communicate with birds.
Tags: orchestrating characters, plot devices, superpowers

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