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The Book of Chinese Beliefs

The Book of Chinese Beliefs by Frena Bloomfield

A book that includes every day religious practices and like beliefs, and also some information on other everyday practices.

Feng shui and its practices. Down to the way that geomancers have taken on the role of priests and perform exorcisms. The gods, and how the closest level are known as teh Great-Aunts and Great-Uncles, partly affectionate, partly as propitiative gestures. Festivities. Fortune-telling. Mediums, sending goods to the dead, arranging marriages for the dead -- she describes how most are arranged by families, but many stories of ghosts demanding them, and often describing the other ghost whom they want to marry. Food with its cold and hot (I was wondering how it mapped to the medieval European foods system of humors -- and did note it seemed much more critical of sugar.) Down to the Triad Societies and their history.

A side of Chinese religion not usually covered in religious studies classes.
Tags: history reviews: far east, non-fiction: folklore

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