marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

moon time

It's a classic of the planetary romance genre, to have a few moons floating about the sky, just so you know it's not Earth.

My hero's kinda figured it out that it was another planet. Something about the foliage being every shade except green. Still, I got him to the open air just after sunset. He can't make out enough stars to tell constellations, which would not tell him much, but there are two moons.

Hmmm. How many moons should there be? Seven? Four? Thirty-two?

In fact, I'm working on two planetary romances. The other one, a story inhabited only by natives of the planet, has twelve moons, I suspect. That will be harder to introduce, since all the points of view take them for granted. Well, except for thinking moonlight lucky. It's a pretty cloudy planet.

Not even going to think about the calendar. Hmmm. Except to note it's a prestige occupation. I wonder if they quarrel over which moon is the proper one to keep time by.
Tags: genre: science fiction, setting (whole story), world-building: other

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