marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

with a gun in his hand

When opting for stirring up a story with Chandler's rule, I always have to decide what, exactly, is the man coming through the door with a gun in his hand.

In one story, dealing with fire magic, it was "set something on fire.' In another, it was "provide a mysterious door."

In one in progress, the main characters are going into a magical woods with a justly dark reputation. And indeed, many mysterious things are going to happen.

Which raises the temptation of just being random. I could throw in golden lilies in a clearing, a silver deer, an animated shadow. . . .

Except that in the end I have to pull it all together. Chandler described it as the rule for a certain, low level of pure action pulp.

I think the story's going to be a psychomachia -- no, not a soul battle, a soul journey. Which means I need to develop the characters further to see what sorts of drama would develop them. sigh
Tags: character arc, characterization, plot devices, setting (whole story), story length

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