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writing challenge

The second one from [personal profile] lindahoyland , also listed here.

"So, you had an empty suit of armor?" said Vasilisa, brightly.
"Several. Fought so badly I wondered why they bothered," said Corridon.
"Happens some times," said Ivan. "There was one, where we had that suit of armor, and when we opened the visor, a cat looked out."
The red knight cleared his throat. "There are dog-headed men. Perhaps there are cat-headed ones, as well."
"No, the cat jumped out. And -- there are no hags that can turn to cats in our lands. But still we caged it, and it did not turn back to human form over night. We let it loose to catch mice and catch it off guard -- and it stayed a cat for seven years before dying of old age -- it had not been too young when it jumped out."
Halley wished she could take notes
Tags: vignette

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