marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

vignette challenge

This week's prompt is:

Anyone can join, with a 50-word vignette in the comments. Your vignette does not have to include the prompt term.

My efforts:

She turned on Lilac. "You're all educated! What's the point of reading all tales of the woods if you haven't got the sense to stay put? You'll -- be eaten by carnivorous deer in there!"
"That," said Lilac, "you did not read in any book." Her voice sounded frail to her.

Figures in masks or mismatched clothes, and worse of all, figures where it dawned on her that the pig snout or wolf ears were not part of a mask.
She had never seen such figures before. Only Mistress Constance's stern drilling in the history courses kept her from total ignorance.
Tags: vignette

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