marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The Red Star: Deluxe Edition Volume 2

The Red Star: Deluxe Edition Volume 2 by Christian Gossett

The continuing story -- to the end of the published issues. Spoilers ahead for the earlier volume.

Like, the two ships, the mutineers with our heroes, and their pursuit, come through the gate into a storm of uncanny properties. They wrestle for control. They confront each other. And meanwhile, Marcus travels through a spirit world with the Red Lady, toward the prison of souls.

Alas, this does not mean to the end of the story. But it works surprisingly well for an open ending. On the way, we have tales of the Revolution and how it lead to the horrors they fight; magical swords; two men being locked in a place on shipboard to fight; some surprisingly sweet banter about a helmet; a girl who does not want to change her stockings, and more.

Did I mention the art works in quite interesting ways?
Tags: fiction reviews: alternate world fantasy, graphic novel/manga

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