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writing challenge

Another challenge from [personal profile] lindahoyland , listed here.

My efforts:

Margery let out her breath. She had been seven the year they celebrated the adoption of the Order. Her father had seen to it that she met, for the first time, the great wizards of the town. Her little brother, sitting in their mother's lap, had squealed and clapped his hands at the meeting, but not even begun to fathom the spells they wove before him. She had only had an inkling herself, but she had know she would master wizardry from that day.

Two bright-eyed brothers frolicked about their mother while their little sister sat in her lap. Solange smiled. Edmund let his breath out. Living here would mean the adoption of their ways.
"Hullo!" caroled one boy.
"Hullo," said Edmund, and decided to take advantage of the meeting. "What brings such festivities?"
Their mother looked at the two of them and started. The boys still did not realize what their color meant as they skipped about and spoke of the anniversary of a dragon's death.
Tags: vignette

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