marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

roses and hedgerows

So our hero asks one of the students with him about the magical significance of a hedge.

And as the student blathers along, I'm going, I thought you were the one whose interests lay in history.

Well, they still do. But in plants too. On one hand, I have no doubt I can use it. For one thing, there's a character he'll make a good foil to -- I was wondering how to demonstrate the character flaws that will manifest in the subplot -- and for another, there are points where his knowledge could come into play.

I think another character is going to show some selective interest, revolving about the magical virtues of roses. This is going to give our hero a chance to give him a good talking to about how a random patchwork of spells doesn't replace systemic knowledge.

Whereupon he will be pertly informed that he himself has learned some random patchwork. It being too late for him to deny it.
Tags: fictional history, foils, world-building: magic (technique), world-building: schools

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