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scrabble challenge

[personal profile] lindahoyland has a new challenge here, revolving about legit scrabble words.

My efforts:

"See how the quean cowers! Never mind the powers! When we go within, when one wins the hex, we shall be greater than any bey or rex!"
Margery stared at him. This one was even stranger than the others. She thought he looked like a geometric figure in black and white.
And what sort of chaos wizard had a pattern of rhymes in his speech?

Hobert rapped on the door, with confidence. Aurelie eyed it. A sweet, pleasant cottage, with a thatched roof, surrounded by a cheerful garden where roses and lilies and snapdragons filled the scene with color. But, she was almost certain that she had seen this lot before, with no such cottage in it.
A white-haired woman, wrapped in a cloud blue shawl, opened the door. "What are you doing here, you old scalawag?"
"What are you asking for, you old quean?" said Hobert. "I have here two girl children who need shelter for a few hours."
The woman cocked an eyebrow. "Hours?"
"I can get them in that time. It's not a hex or anything. Though it might be best if you fed them."
She snorted. "I hope they will eat ziti."
"Yes, yes," said Rose-Lily, and Aurelie nodded, eager to follow her cue.
Tags: vignette

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