marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

timing and arrival

The hero and the other characters were roused up early in the dawn. And go trudging off.

And I read the outline where I had them arriving at sundown and realize, that's an awfully long walk.

It would be unreasonably fast if they were not going through a magical location, but considering that their last walk took them an hour, all day (and it's all day in midsummer) strikes me as a little implausible. . . it's not like this is much farther off.

Which is why one character, out of the blue, explained to the others that they are going to be sitting around on their butts from noon to sundown. They don't even get to pull out their own books and study during that time. Or going looking about the seashore that they landed on.

hmmm. . . .I think two of them will start to speculate about why it took several hours this time. It sounds up their alley. Magically traveling means they might fudge up a reason why the locations are magically more distant from each other.
Tags: setting (scene), story time, travel, world-building: magic (effects)

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