marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

mathematics and magic

One character hasn't been talking much about her interests. I know she likes math and its use in magic, but -- do the readers?

So I realize I have a moment to lard in some characterization when she babbles about architecture.

And what's going to come out of her mouth is that most commonplace and useful architectural structures, like triangles and circles, are of the greatest magical use, because of their significance.

Which is -- logical. Fanciness and ornament are lacking in the easy symbolism of actually useful work.

Hmmm. I think she's going to have to hold forth on how ornament and fanciness are the best, and indeed the only, way to get certain forms of magic into a building, because they do not harmonize well with architectural principles. Fertility on bedchambers, for instance. And any liminal magic that doesn't actually go on, well, thresholds.
Tags: world-building: buildings, world-building: magic (technique)

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