marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

stormy timing

Spending all day sitting around in a room because the outside's too stormy to go out is annoying.  Even when you're the writer who doesn't have to sit through it but does have to time when the events in it happen.  Especially when you've decided that the characters will drift off to sleep in a location unsuited for it at the end. . . .

I could throw out the drifting.  I could put them there later (though they will have an action-filled morning if so, which will need to be written).  I could drag out the day.  I did, after all, succeed in putting books in their hands after that visit to the library.  And I gave them a magical window by which they can see the storm attack, which they will probably watch with imprudent intensity.

They could talk about the weather.  Especially since none of them know any weather magic, even so much as to predict how long the storm will last.  Hmmm. . . perhaps one of them might decide to learn -- except that all of them have rather full plates on learning stuff.  And it's not really an interest for any of them.   A one-shot incident might not win them over.  

Perhaps if forecasting would be useful in the future, one might learn it.  But it's going to a rote spell, so I would have to consider which ones might find it worth learning, even so.
Tags: plotting, story time, world-building: magic (technique), world-building: weather

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