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vignette challenge

[personal profile] lindahoyland did another challenge.

"I'm not a baby," grumbled Phillipe. "To be afraid of the dark."
"That is just as well," said Michel. "Since we are going to where the only light is starlight."
Phillipe blanched; even the golden candlelight could not hide that. Jehan did nothing more than bite his lip.
Then, after a moment, Jehan said, "There's a lamp over there in the cabinet, and oil for it."
"It would attract moths, and worse than moths," said Michel. "Come."
The woodpile was just outside the door. He tried to not think about what a blaze of firelight they would get from even one of those logs.

"It's a protection spell," said Queenie. "It will ward the baby. But -- it requires four kinds of light shed on the cradle."
"There's a log," said Nina. "Firelight. A candle for candlelight. Oil, and we even have a lamp for lamplight." Then she frowned.
"Magical light doesn't cut it," said Queenie, dryly.
"But it's a clear night," said Jonnet. "No moon, but starlight aplenty."
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