marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The Chocolatier's Wife

The Chocolatier's Wife by Cindy Lynn Speer

In a land where spouses -- at least first ones -- are chosen by spell while you are still a child, William was late.  It was not until his seventh birthday that it found his bride.  And what was worse, Tasmin lived in the barbarous North.  Meanwhile, her family hates the notion of the barbarous South -- but William and Tasmin exchanged letters for years, and then, one day, shortly after he stopped sailing to open a chocolate shop, she got one telling her he was accused of murder, and she was, of course, let off.

She went to help him.  

Intrigue ensues.  It involves her wedding dress, tales of slavers, a childhood illness of William's brother, a question of well-baked almonds, sprites, prize money from a pirate ship, why William gave up the sea for a chocolate shop (which is an innovation), the question of what happened to his chocolate supplies, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: high fantasy, fiction reviews: mystery

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