marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

order in a world

Have three stories floating about in a world.  They would need to be in some kind of sequence.

The fun part is that none of them have to occur in any particular order; they will not destroy the world, or even tear it up much; they do not overthrow dynasties, or change kingdom except to expand the region of men at the expense of that of monsters, and none of their events would be either preclude or be prerequisites for the events of another tale.

Except, of course, as soon as I lay them down in order, and let characters from one talk about the tales of heroism of the old days,  they are probably going to be fixed in order.  If only from the geography -- let a character pass through lands that used to be on the marches, and is now safe from monsters, and it's clear which came first.
Tags: fictional history, series, story time

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