marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

injustice needed

I have two story ideas hanging in inspiration, for the want of an incident that is essential to later developments. Both of them require that a child be punished at the say-so of another child, who is actually the guilty party.

But, of course, I need to have an actual offense, followed by the frame.

It's actually more important for one than the other, because in one story, a character doesn't defend himself against false charges later. (He's a boy in training to be a knight, at the king's hall, in a Dark Age-ish sort of setting.) The other just establishes that the character justly feels ignored and belittled in favor of her cousin, who is cursed and therefore glamorous, and spoiled rotten. (Hmmm. Her I might manage by having the cousin do something in her total absence, only to blind-side her with the consequences.) Not to mention that she, and the culprit, are several years younger than the boy is.

And also the more fair-minded adults, in the case of the girl, are more obviously helpless to intervene. They suffer from some ignorance, but also refusal to believe, and willingness to sacrifice the boy to politic reasons, in the boy's case.

Still, it's annoying.
Tags: characterization, heroes and villains, plot devices, set-up

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