marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

reflections on resolutions

I resolved to do three writerly things this month:

  1. revise my NaNo type-up novel to ready it for my writers' group
  2. revise a novelette for publication
  3. finish the longhand version of a novel
And then the whole thing got derailed when I got ideas to submit to two anthologies -- one I needed to revise a story for, one I needed to write a story for.

Both stories got out. NaNo got typed up. The longhand novel is not quite done. And the novelette is like pulling nails.

So for February:
  1. Finish the longhand novel
  2. Revise a short novel to ready it for the group
  3. Revise a short story, also for the group
  4. finish an outline I've begun

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