marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

mastering metaphors

From a distance, the faint green of spring growth in a forest, among the dead leaves can look like a green veil. . . .

Wait a minute. Do they have veils?

Well, on one hand, yes, they obviously do, women would not be so immodest as to not cover their hair, but I was thinking of a thin, diaphanous veil. Those women would use substantial pieces of cloth. The weaving in their kingdom would give them no choice, and then again, they wouldn't want a choice. Why would they want some flimsy fabric for their veils, any more than for their gowns?

Perhaps far off to the south, in a pseudo-Byzantine society, there's weaving fine enough for a diaphanous veil. Maybe. And maybe some piece of that fabric, if it exists, made it as far north as this kingdom and the royal court there. However, I'm quite sure that it got no farther than that; our young hero never saw it in his father's holdings, on the wild borderlands.

So -- a mist of green, instead.
Tags: metaphor, travel, world-building: clothing, world-building: social structure

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