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vignette challenge

Another from [personal profile] lindahoyland. Details here

For the Ash Wednesday one:

Ciara eyed the pancakes. "I thought it was the whole point of Carnival to have fun before all the ashes and bowing to the cross, and proclaimations of sin and the need to repent."
"Can I have yours, then?" said Sophia.

For the Valentine's day
She vanished into the hedges. Dark red roses nodded at her passing. He sighed. He knew she would return, and soon. His mouth twisted -- with this entire maze the shape of a heart, they did not have to announce it was the place for romance. For the moment, it was too cold and dew-soaked to attract anyone to kiss or embrace. . . .
And he should be wise enough not to take Hope's generous heart for particular love of him.
Tags: vignette

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