marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

vignette challenge

This week's prompt is:

Anyone can join, with a 50-word vignette in the comments. Your vignette does not have to include the prompt term.

My effort:

She looked at the river bank. Green, green, and more green. The white flowers on one vine were as vivid and shocking as if they were Arctic hares. But they could not take the river even if they had had a boat, the current was too swift, and the peril of falling out too much.

The pale young women, all slim and comely, were dressed in white gowns, wore their long tresses unbound, and were crowned with white flowers. They held hands, in a circle. They all of them looked at her, even those looking over their shoulders, but they did not let go of each other's hands.
Tags: vignette

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