marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

two-thread tale

Once upon a time, a prince met a princess who had no hands. . . .

I'm starting in media res, cutting off the part of how she lost her hands and shoving it into backstory.

Of course, that means that the wedding happens very near the beginning of the retelling. (Would happen fairly early even without that part cut off.)

Which means, since this is a fairy tale retelling, that they will be parted by external forces. And I'm poking around with the idea of following them both.

Thing is, to keep two threads going, I have to keep them going all the time. Some slackness in one would work, but not really having his story only get going three quarters through. . . .

I think I'm going to have throw in some allusions to fairy tales with bandits so he has a few adventures on the way.
Tags: backstory, beginnings, fairy tales (retelling), families: matrimony, middles, point of view, story structure, story time

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