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Daughter of Dragons

Daughter of Dragons by Jack Campbell

The first book in a new series!

Do read the Pillars of Reality series first, there are spoilers ahead for it.

This starts off a little slower than that one, with the problems 16-year-old Kira faces being the daughter of two of the most famous people on the planet. But a ship from Urth is arriving, and her parents finally reveal to her that her father Alain had foreseen her being integral to events. And he and many other Mages foresee danger about this ship.

And when the ship arrives, there's a boy her age on it among the crew members. He warns Kira that the ship's crew does not mean them well.

The rest of the story involves different types of sails, flying on a roc, a storm at sea, jumping off a train (ah, tradition), picking locks, questions of Urth law, and more.
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