marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

vignette challenge

This week's prompt is:

Anyone can join, with a 50-word vignette in the comments. Your vignette does not have to include the prompt term.

My efforts:

She walked until her shadow fell over the water. She hoped they did not have to dive in. Especially not if they had to look for a portal underwater. She hated opening her eyes underwater.
"Who are you?" said Leon. Lenore looked up. A man in grave black studied them.

"Did she tell you anything about me?" said June-Lily.
Solange shook her head.
"Good," said June-Lily. "I'd hate to be under that shadow. I am your mother's sister, fourteen years younger."
Solange's nose wrinkled. Why, June-Lily not only looked, but was, closer to her in age than to her mother.

The tower's windows were small. With its thick walls, there were only shadows within.
Minette tried not to swallow. Maude would tell her not to look so fragile and delicate -- as if she wanted a gift suitable for a princess as fiery and loud as, well, Maude.
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