marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

youth and age

Had to throw away a page yesterday. Got the heroine out on the trail to the picnic site with her extended family, and realized that while she's young -- she has to be a legal minor -- this is making her too childish.

Threw it out and had her returning from school with her brother and cousins. Which does not intrinsically make her older, but I managed to make her sound older. I think. The crucial thing is how she is a misfit and her relatives are unkind. (Hmm. . . I think she needs to be surprised at their all attending school that day. Did I start the story too late?)

Still, this is a story that works with a fairly limited age range. Young enough that she is not legally able to shake the dust of her family's home off her sandals without a great deal of effort, old enough that it's practical if the legalities are sorted out. (Pushing back about how her family beat her down is part of the character arc.)
Tags: character arc, families: other, families: siblings, world-building: aging and coming of age

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