marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

at long, long last. . .

Was pondering how write a story about unwarping fairy tales -- both the original, backstory warping and the main plot unwarping happening in story -- and the problems of plot.

Some are obvious. Rapunzel and her blinded prince stumbled on each other when their children were still small. Defer it to later. The prince killed in "The Golden Bird" was brought back by the fox's directions; just apply them much later.

Except that the heroine of "The Golden Bird" has, in this world, died, so merely bringing him back to life won't save the happy ending.

And, at that, you have to impose some order on the unwarping. Sanity would indicate starting with the most powerful allies, except where distance prevents; drama calls for the reverse process. Probably have to heavily dwell on distance. Also make some apparently powerful allies turn out less useful because of the newest of the situation.

And still work out how they can live happily even after. . . .
Tags: backstory, endings, fairy tales (retelling), genre: fractured fairy tale, story structure

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